Better Living Design Awards™

The Better Living Design Institute™ will periodically grant awards to bring attention to achievements in the BLD™ and universal design fields. The awards will recognize home products, new and remodeled homes, housing projects, and organizational accomplishments. Other award categories will be added later.


Better Living Design™ – 2013 Innovation Award

The display shows the analogue and digital temperature display in white lettering on a red background. The temperature goal of “72” is show in large lettering with smaller lettering indicating that the temperature will be reached in 25 minutes.

Nest 2.0 Learning Thermostat

Combining technology and intuitive use to truly deliver both energy savings and personal comfort.

In a world of complicated and confusing technology, controls and displays, the second generation Nest Learning Thermostat is simpleto use. Users need only turn the outer ring and push the front to finalize selections. The Nest can also be operated via smartphone or tablet. This sleekly-designed, learning thermostat realizes the dream of energy savings offered by programmable thermostats plus it’s easy and convenient to use. A green leaf logo is displayed when energy efficient temperature sare selected, encouraging users to make greener choices.


Better Living Design™ – 2013 Market Mover Award

Delta Touch20 FAUCET

Elegant design and ease of use introduced convenience and access into the residential market.

With the release of its proprietary Touch2O technology in 2008, Delta transported touch, or hands free, faucet operation from the commercial world into the mainstream, essentially creating the residential touch faucet market and spurring competitors to follow. The Delta Touch2O faucet has an elegant design that allows on/off action simply by touching the faucet anywhere on the spout or handle. Advertised as being useful for dirty or sticky hands, it is easy for everyone to use – even those with grip, reach, dexterity or strength limitations. In addition, the Touch2O faucet makes it easy to conserve water when preparing food or washing up in the sink users just touch the faucet to turn the water flow off when it’s not needed between tasks.


Better Living Design™ – 2013 Forward Thinker Award

This three story house has purple clapboard siding with white trim. Stone retaining walls line both sides of the driveway on the right. Stairs ascend to the roof-covered porch on the second level. A  doorway is under the porch. The driveway ascends to the rear of the house where a garage can be seen.

John Salmen


This home renovation added two step-free entrances, ample interior circulation as well as an elevator in this three-story home. The home also features a curbless shower and home technology that allows remote control and monitoring of many home systems. This project applied imaginative thinking to a renovation that produces added value, a lifetime of choice, and comfort.


Better Living Design™ – 2013 Achievement Award



For decades of accomplishment emphasizing the role of the built environment in allowing everyone to live full lives.

Since the inception of AARP, the organization has understood the importance of the built environment in people’s lives. They have pursed this positive agenda by advocating for better design for their members for more than 25 years through a series of initiatives – including the Livable Communities program – through policy, promotion, development and other funded activities. They have broadcast their message via the web, printed publications and other electronic media. AARP has continually pushed policymakers to recognize this importance in both homes and at the scales of the neighborhood and community. They have encouraged their members to anticipate life’s changes by modifying their homes, purchasing new homes with UD and now BLD™ features and recognize neighborhood and community features that truly allow aging in the Community. Moreover, recognizing the need to mainstream UD, AARP has worked hard to promote the benefits that these home and community features offer to people and households of all ages.