Design Better, Build Better, Know Better.

A critical aspect of BLD – aesthetics – helps to differentiate Better Living Design from design solutions that might be considered just functional. With a BLD approach, usability characteristics are built-in and integrated into the overall scheme, and therefore mainstreamed – not separate and distinct. A BLD solution has to work well, look good and be marketable to a broad audience.


Better Living Design Goals

    • Usable
    • Flexible
    • Healthy
    • Good Looking
    • Welcoming
    • Added Value


Areas of Coverage

    • Integrated, marketable design
    • Circulation
        • Exterior paths of travel -deck/gardens
        • Entrance
        • Interior vertical/horizontal paths of travel
        • Floors
    • Key function areas
      • Parking/garage
      • Kitchen/laundry
      • Bath
      • Storage
      • Sleep
      • Office/family
    • Controls and hardware
      • Home technology/automation
      • Cabinet
      • Door windows
      • Appliances/fixtures
      • Switches
    • Environmental quality
      • Air
      • Light
      • Maintenance


Long-Term Flexibility

While featuring far more utility than a standard home, a BLD home is not expected to eliminate the need for households to customize their home over time. Everyone customizes their home in a variety of ways. But BLD features (even the basic ones) will help avoid the most costly and extensive remodeling that is most often associated with home modifications of standard homes, such as ramps, widened hallways, or larger bathrooms. Customized remodeling for added functionality and added assistive technology are also more effective when installed as a custom feature in a BLD home. For example, stair lifts can be added later with less costs and hassle and more maneuvering room at the top and bottom. If needed, bars can be added to bathroom walls and toilets and used more safely because of wall blocking and ample maneuvering room in the bathroom.


Basic BLD features are

    • 1. Inexpensive to include in new homes (and many remodeling projects)
    • 2. Appreciated by everyone every day
    • 3. A huge difference-maker at certain times in many people’s lives
    • 4. A valued-added feature of a home
    • 5. A money saver because many later home customizations can be avoided.