Better Living Design for Designers, Builders & Remodelers

Designers, homebuilders and remodelers are eager to design and build homes that are more livable for people at every life stage. The Better Living Design™ approach adds convenience and ease of use with an aesthetic touch that consumers want. A BLD™ home has to look good and work well. Designing and building homes that earn the “BLD Approved™” designation means you have created something the home-buying public will want for today and tomorrow. And with the changing demographics in America, you have positioned yourself and your organization to capitalize on what’s next.

Industry FAQ’s


BLD Approved™ Projects

The “BLD Approved™” designation assures homeowners that their home is designed, built or remodeled to better accommodate the ever-changing lives, lifestyles and life stages of everyone in the home . Give homebuyers’ confidence in your homes by becoming BLDCertified™. Plus, when the “BLD Approved™” seal backs your work, consumers know their home will be more livable for more people across more lifetimes.


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BLD Certification™ Program

The Better Living Design Institute™ will offer a BLD™ Certification for builders, remodelers and designers. This program is being developed in conjunction with leading trade organizations and will educate professionals on Better Living Design™ and the criteria associated with the “BLD Approved™” designation.

Design Better, Build Better, Know Better.