Frequently Asked Questions About Better Living Design

What is so great about a Better Living Design home?

Better Living Design features and products enhance the beauty of a home while adding ease of use and convenience that make it work better for everyone who lives in the home or who visits: young families, children, mom, dad, grandma or grandpa. Because it works so well throughout our lifetimes, a BLD home will be even more valuable as the years pass.

How can BLD features add value to a home?

We all want our home to be stylish with the features and products that meet our needs and match our lifestyle. What if you could have a home that was also flexible enough to adapt to changes in your life for years to come? That is the added value in a Better Living Design home.

Many find that, in order to remain in their homes as their needs change, they need to renovate or add to their current homes. Others are purchasing new homes. Better Living Design homes are designed to reduce the need for many modifications by designing-in features that address the wide range of current and future needs.

Compared to standard homes, a home with BLD features will have added value from day one. It has greater usability now and over a lifetime, a value to current and future occupants.

What do BLD homes look and feel like?

A BLD home can come in practically any home style imaginable: single story or multi-story, with or without a basement. BLD homes are not restricted to ranch style construction. A BLD home will look similar to other homes in the neighborhood. There may be very little in a BLD home that you can put your finger on. “What is different?” you may ask. The most successful BLD homes have features that are so well integrated that they become almost invisible and have to be pointed out.

A major goal of Better Living Design is having key function areas on a reachable level (generally the first floor). This is simple to accomplish with a single story home but multilevel homes can be constructed with the same key function areas on the first floor. Many multi story homes today have master bedrooms on the first floor and secondary bedrooms on other levels, which is perfect.

What about space planning in Better Living Design homes?

Space planning is critical in all home design, BLD homes included. Open floor plans are quite common and a good choice for BLD homes. By creating an open floor plan with fewer hallways, square footage can be conserved, a sense of spaciousness can be created, and narrow, confining hallways can be avoided. Space can be maintained in the kitchen and bathrooms, with more comfort and convenience. A Better Living Design home need not have additional square footage in order to have adequate room for everyone.

How much do BLD homes cost?

The price of all homes varies by size, location, features and amenities. The price of a home with basic Better Living Design features may be very similar to an otherwise equivalent home. In all cases a BLD home can be within the price point range that buyers have selected. Just like standard homes, if you are thinking of higher cost appliances, fixtures, or other products, your total home cost will increase.

How to find a BLD practitioner?

Over the next year we hope to begin our education program that will certify interior designers, architects, remodelers and builders. Check back soon. Meanwhile, contact us with your location and we might be able to help.