Industry FAQ’s :

How to apply for BLD project approval?

Right now we are carefully selecting a few projects that reflect the BLD approach. If you have a project you think might qualify please contact us. stage.

Won’t adopting a BLD approach require entirely new skills and practices?

Few BLD features require builders, remodelers, or trades people to learn new skills. Some practices may need revision though, such as outlet and switch heights and door widths. Since many Better Living Design homes will have curbless showers, your team will want to explore the best ways to make one. The BLD website and our partners will have information on how to craft one.

However, it will be necessary to become familiar with our program. Remodelers, builders, and others can add to training received from NAHB, CEAC, USC and others with a new BLD industry certification program that will begin in 2015.

Builders are now insisting that their subcontractors read the plans and follow the procedures for building new homes. As builders construct more homes with Better Living Design features, Better Living Design will become the new standard in the building industry.