Better Living Design™ for Product and Services Providers

The BLD Institute™ recognizes that our success requires a variety of players: home products manufacturers, retailers and suppliers, home finance and mortgage originators, Realtors, insurers and more. The BLD™ team has ongoing activities to reach out to each of these groups to encourage understanding and adoption. We think each industry sector has interests in Better Living for homes. The mortgage and insurance industry have an interest in promoting the best designed homes possible. Realtors need to know what constitutes a BLD™ home in order to sell it most effectively.


Ask any maker of consumer products and they will tell you that better design wins. That’s why the easy-to-use handles of OXO Brand kitchen utensils are designed. It’s why Heinz dared change their iconic bottle after 80 years to make it easier for anyone from age 4 to 84 to pour their ketchup. It’s why many washers and dryers offer a choice of floor or pedestal mounting so they can adapt to householders’ needs.

Consumers want what works and better design works. And “BLD™” signals better design. Those product examples follow the BLD™ approach. The BLD Institute’s home design criteria are best met by the use of products that look good and work well.BLD™ offers a new and important distinction for a wide range of products available at home improvement centers, and communicates to consumers that a particular product meets the BLD™ criteria.

Manufacturers and retailers can expect consumers to be looking for the BLD™ seal. Now we are looking for partners who want to extend their marketing efforts to the many builders, remodelers and consumers who will embrace BLD™ for their home projects and purchases.

In the coming years, BLD™ will review a wide range of consumer products for use in the home and issue the “BLD Approved™” designation for those that deliver on the BLD™ principles. For consumers, when they see the “BLD Approved™” seal, they will be able to trust that the product design is “ageless” and usable for everyone.

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